Savvy Simple

Health Benefits

Ingredients matter!

Health benefits of Peppermint:

Reduce nausea

Improve memory

Relax muscles in bowels

Muscle and skin Pain relief

Reduce allergy symptoms

Nasal decongestant

Respiratory expectorant

Improve Headaches

Relieves stress

Helps asthma

Inhibiting cavities

Freshens breath


Health benefits of cocoa:

Boost energy

Reduce blood pressure and clots


Increase blood flow

Prevent inflammation

Provide essential minerals

Helps constipation, diabetes, and asthma


Health benefits or orange:

Great source of Vitamin C, B, A

Great source of minerals

Protect against cancer

Help prevent kidney disease

Lower cholesterol

Boost heart health

Lower risk of diseases

Fight viral infections


Health benefits of pure vanilla:


Makes hair and skin smooth and shiny


Health benefits of lemon:


May lower stroke risk

Healthy complexion

Prevent asthma

Increase iron absorption

Boost immune system


Health benefits of peanut butter:

Helps you lose weight

Packed full of nutrition

Has heart healthy monounsaturated fats


Health benefits of bananas:

Improve blood pressure

Help prevent asthma

Reduce risk of cancer

Reduce risk of heart disease

Treat diarrhea

Boost mood


Health benefits of cinnamon, ginger, and cloves:


Helps digestion

Helps diabetes by reducing blood sugar

Helps toothaches

Alleviate muscle and joint pain



Health benefits of pumpkin:

Reduce blood pressure

Prevent cancer

Improve eye health

Boost immunity

Promote fertility


Health benefits of carrots:

Prevents many types of cancers

Promotes eye health

Helps blood sugar regulation

Boost immunity


Health benefits of lime:

Weight loss

Skin care, rejuvenate, protect from infections, reduce body odor

Improved digestion

Relief from constipation

Eye care

Reduce heart disease risk

Help heal peptic ulcers

Helps congestion and nausea

Fever reducing qualities


Health benefits of blueberries:

Maintain healthy bones

Lower blood pressure

Managing diabetes

Wards off heart disease

Preventing cancer

Improving mental health

Healthy digestion, promotes weight loss

Fights wrinkles


Health benefits of beets:

Full of vitamins and minerals

Lowers blood pressure

Lowers risk of heart disease

Improve stamina

Increase blood flow to the frontal lobe

Reduce accumulation of fats in the liver

Antioxidants and anti inflammatory

Contains fiber to improve regularity